Suonova: “A Natale mandali a Fanqu”

A Natale, mandali a Fan Qu
(lyrics by Bacco Baccanels – 11 nov 2018)

Sai, c’è un paese là (ma dove) in Tibet molto lontano da quaggiù
(per forza è in Tibet! )
A Natale puoi mandarci

chi ti disturba di più, (di più)
si chiama Fan Qu (cercalo su Googlel)

A Trump e ai brutti ‘mericani che i bimbi non fanno passare. (fermi ai confini!)
A chi invece dichiara
che Asia lo toccava
in tivù,
mandali a Fanqu.
(Seppur gentilmente)

Sal-vini e la flat tax (e poi di)
Di Maio non è mai andato a lavorare (forse una volta)
Reddito per tutti
ma soldi non ne avanzano più, vattene a Fanqu.

Se il polonio ti avvelena e se l’eclissi vedi appena (non l’ho vista)
a chi fa male i conti
e a chi fa i ponti
in caucciù
(a Genova)
mandalo a Fanqu

E ma per dirla proprio tutta noi siamo ridotti alla frutta (alla frutta)
Se il vulcano erutta

Se questa canzone è brutta, dai! Anche tu,
Mandaci a Fanqu

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Inno del corpo sciolto, choral version (SATB)

Inno del corpo sciolto cover Here you find my arrangement of the Roberto Benigni beautiful song: “Inno del corpo sciolto”
Original background music is very basic, is the lyric that’s amazing. In order to avoid my work to sound repetitive, since we know long vocal performances tend to be boring and hence they must be shorter than the original, I tried to change every portion of the song in some way: rhythm or harmony.

It’s a tribute to a beautiful funny song and to an author I like and respect so much. Hope you don’t annoy me with copyright matters: nobody knows me, nobody will download the song, maybe only drunkard choirs are going to sing it… 🙂
Hope you will enjoy it!
Here are the files.

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Suonova: Jingle Bells 2017

Again this year, our contribution to spoil an otherwise perfect Christmas.
Here are the lyrics, in Italian, as you like them.
Jingle Bells Suonova Style – Bacco Baccanels dec 17

Trump e kim jon un
Son come ragazzi
Si tirano razzi
E per noi son… pazzi

Bolt non corre più
E se vuoi far l’artista
Prima devi dare
Qualche cosa al tuo regista

Ma perché ma perché
A natale c’è
Tra vin santo e panettoni
Ancora berlusconi

Ma perché ma perché A natale c’è
Frutta secca e mele cotte
Spara al ladro Ma solo di notte

Il mese di 28
giorni di telefonia
Non regala uno stipendio
In più a noi all’anno Mamma mia
Alla catalogna
Non piace il pan di spagna
Noi che ce ne frega Preferiamo la lasagna

Ma perché ma perché Dillo pure a me
C’e buffon tra i nostri pali
Ma l’italia non va ai mondiali

Ma perché ma perché Dillo pure a me
Vai in pensione Sempre dopo
Ma il lavoro è così poco!

Ma perché ma perché Dillo pure a me
Le palme in duomo Non le vogliamo
Anche se c’è un sole africano.

Meno male
Che vasco a modena fa Il pieno

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A m’an dì – Carlo Piz “I m’a dit” milanese translation

I m a dit - A m an dì - pdf thumbnail

Who is Carlo Piz

A dear friend and a songwriter who wrote sweet and funny songs in “nonese” dialect, what is spoken in the Val Di Non valley in Trentino.
His work is well summarized in his web site, which I invite you to visit.

I m’a dit

It’s a very funny song whose lead theme is a key element of small towns communities : gossip. In a certain way it’s a “country” song, talking of weddings, apple growers, agricultural credit banks and tractors.

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Ioppaura – chitarra e voce

This is a guitar and two voices version.
For the lyrics, I used an approach for me new, which I call “reflection”. I’m sure like everything these days it already exists, but at the same time, like many things in this world, I was not aware of it.
So I write telling the reflection of a story, e.g. what happens when a story passes from mouth to mouth, or what you see of a story when you look at it in a flickering water. …

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Si va be’ (Jingle Bells)

Suonova parody of the known Xmas theme song.

Here you can also find lyrics.
If you are eager to perform it next Christmas, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will show you which arrangement is the right one.

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Non dormire, canta! Medley

Thanks to Davide Verdura and all the guys who set up the Varallo Pombia “Non dormire, canta!” song contest, where we performed out of competion, for the beatiful show and for this video of our medley.

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Suonova in Varallo

Suonova in Varallo: THANK YOU SO MUCH REEBO!
Wonderful song contest, many young really talented up-and-coming singers. We had fun. The town too is very nice. We pay homage to Reebo who has helped us so much not to stop while Viggo was in Israel, who enabled us to start our street performer career and to partecipate well trained to this show.
We’ll never lose Reebo, because he will always have a place in our heart and in our shows.
Long live Suonova! Long live music! Long live Reebo and Viggo!
And long live Davide Verdura who invited us!

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Suonova at Lennon Plaza

An impromptu nighttime performance to record a video required from the Milan city authorities to allow us to perform in the city center…
Since we hadn’t time to meet for this specific purpose, we went out nighttime, during our rehearsal, found a suitable place and sang.

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